JAVELIN make me go OH! It’s suddenly freak CENTRAl station in here!

i try to stroke you, you play me like sudoku

♫ Javelin – Oh! Centra

Javelin’s MySpace url is “/hotjamzofjavelin” and that should give a pretty good idea about what you are in for with these guys. These two Brooklyn sound noodlers dropped a couple even-too-weird-for-me jams last year but their amped-up remix of The Very Best’s “Julia” was the second best remix of last year. Their latest effort is “Oh! Centra” which features a chipmunk rapping about kicking a kangaroo, dancing like a monkey, and engaging in various other left-of-centra (Ha!) activities. When perfectly blended with their already oddball beats, the result is undeniably fresh. Drop this at your next dance party and you will instantly weed out the boring people. Wait until the last 30 seconds and you will also weed out the people who dont like grunting suggestively to rodent-rap while humping the couch. If that means that I’m the only one still getting down then we gotta invite more people to your next party.

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