JAVELIN are full of good VIBRATIONZ and good advice

gettin’ cleared up is easy, do it now so we can get sleazy

♫ Javelin – Vibrationz

Javelin’s “Oh! Centra” and it’s potty-mouthed squirrel vocals has quickly become one of my favorite songs of the year and although their debut LP No Mas is not exactly on par with that jam’s grooviness it is certainly good stuff. Javelin are pretty eclectic and play with rapping, singing, and instrumental, of which the excellent “Vibrationz” is (pretty much) the latter. 3 minutes of straight funked up grooves that beg for sunlight and summer breezes. This laid back sunshine-pop is much more the norm for Javelin then the spastic “Oh! Centra” but so far I’m loving both. I went back and got Javelin’s 2009 FREE mixtape Jamz N Jemz (best name ever) and discovered more laid back funk as well as this fantastic token weird rap song. Only this one is about STDs and safe sex. Good times.

♫ Javelin – STD Fury

So for more tastes of No Mas make sure to check out the mashup Dave Wrangler did with their “Intervales Theme” and Jay Z. This Pitchfork piece is also pretty great. It covers Javelin’s early days utilizing 20 shitty boom-boxes as their sound system for concerts. Awesome. And get Jamz N Jemz. Free, baby, free!

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