MOUTH’S CRADLE could throw a party on the FRONT PORCH or even the BACK PORCH. Whatevs.

we three kings and a whole lotta play-doh, growing up grey in a world that’s day-glo

♫ Mouth’s Cradle – Front Porch, Back Porch

If you are irresistibly attracted to one of the dude’s in Mouth’s Cradle then it may not just be their fly threads or fresh jams. Half that duo is named Brandon so you know the guy has it going on. Luckily Brandon teamed up with Kevin at Syracuse University and proceeded to pump out super fun little funk nuggets that I just can’t help but bounce along to. Their debut LP, The Next Best Thing, is out now and they might be underselling it with that title. The se tracks have solid and smooth beats under smart and fun lyrics. They’ve meshed elements of hip-hop, pop, classical, and indie all without coming across as over-produced or desperate. Now that is sweet.

♫ Mouth’s Cradle – Honey From A Stone

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  1. jonathan_uk
    jonathan_uk says:

    I have a lot of catching up to do with your blog!!

    I like the sound of Mouth's Cradle ^_^ Front Porch, Back Porch is amazing!!

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