TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB have a lot of sweet jams but let’s start with UNDERCOVER MARTYN

and she spoke words that would melt in your hands

♫ Two Door Cinema Club – Undercover Martyn

Holy moley. When I first got a taste of Two Door Cinema Club I knew they had the skills for a jam or two but I would have never guessed that these rosy-cheeked Irish kids would be dropping one of the catchiest and most instantly infectious albums of the year so far. Tourist History is a tight ten tracks and wastes no time on ballads or slow jams. Every track is brimming with dazzling guitar work, beautiful harmonies, and a rhythm section that has a the key to dance-headquarters. I’m serious about those guitars though, what makes these guys so great is that they aren’t afraid to shred a tight guitar riff now and then, giving the music an edge that is missing in a lot of over-polished indie/dance/pop. In “Undercover Martyn” I’ve even found myself singing along to that epic ‘wah-wah’ guitar business more than the lyrics. And those brilliant lazer sounds around the 2:00 mark are perfect for a Spaceman Spiff-inspired dance number. Seriously people, if you find any joy in this jam (or the first 2 I posted) then get this album. And get particularly excited for “Eat That Up, It’s Good For You.” I do.

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  1. dold
    dold says:

    Man I could not agree with you more! As you tick through the tracks they just keep delivering. This record has gripped my much tighter than any other thus far in 2010. The boys are playing my town in May and I'm quite excited to see how the songs translate live. Dancing anyone?

  2. Moritz Kröger
    Moritz Kröger says:

    Yeah me is dancing too. Awesome album. every track is abolutely awesome. I am really looking forward to see them in Hamburg on April 10th. Sry dold that you have to wait that long ;)

  3. dold
    dold says:

    Report back Mortiz! I'm and eager beaver to hear how these guys pull off the live show. I'm hoping the long wait will make the show that much sweeter.

  4. jonathan_uk
    jonathan_uk says:

    Saw these guys playing in Birmingham last weekend – really good, felt way old in the crowd tho!

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