TANLINES may cause just that in REAL LIFE

you might think i’m still that way, it’s only natural

♫ Tanlines – Real Life

See that guy over there? See how much fun he is having? Well he is probably not listening to Tanlines because that photo looks pretty old but with a few weeks poolside and their Settings EP as your soundtrack you could have skin as broze as his. Tanlines are two dudes from from Brooklyn who somehow craft music that seems more suited to Jamaica or Miami. On “Real Life” the sunny synths and crisp kettle drums bounce under the rhythmic vocals to create a sort of trance-like summer jam that begs to be played loud. The rest of their 6 track Settings EP takes a less straightforward approach to jangling your bikini strings as it dabbles in slightly mellower and offbeat territory. Half the EP is instrumental but that certainly doesn’t get in the way of quality. The excellent “Three Trees” sounds like the perfect soundtrack for a videogame where you drive a car with coconut-wheels and collect bananas from dancing monkeys. That is very much a good thing. The bongoes get a bit intense on “Bees” and their are a few other less-dazzling moments but overall I’m pretty excited to crank this in the warming weather and hopefully we’ll all get some more Tanlines before summer ends.

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