[MP3] RESTLESS PEOPLE DON’T know how to BACK DOWN from such rockingness

hold me up, hold me down, hold me back, hold me tight, hold me close, don’t let go this time

♫ Restless People – Don’t Back Down

Ok, so this one is a two-parter. First, there is this epic jam from Restless People that sounds like a reggaeton hit slowed to half speed and then shot into space on a cocktail umbrella. Just give in to the ass shaking and handclaps, you’ll be a better person for it. Restless People share 2 members with Tanlines and you can hear a bit of that tropical tinge soaking through. “Don’t Look Down” is off the Brooklyn group’s debut album (which also contains the great “Days Of Our Lives“) but I discovered the track on the latest installment of the Poule d’Or compilation series. Volume 5 dropped a few ago and it’s a massively solid affair. Featuring new tracks from the likes of Young Empires and Museum of Bellas Artes, it’s 20 tracks of bouncy, slushy, rustling, pop music that is perfect to drift along with.

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