[LIVE] Carousel, Ghost Beach + Goldroom, Two Door Cinema Club DJ sets @ The Echoplex 10.25.12

♫ Ghost Beach – Tear Us Apart

Carousel opened up the night (below) and brought an awesome performance. They rocked the house. However, the softer nature of their jams do not lend themselves to face melting and thats exactly what Ghost Beach did when they took the stage (above). Having last seen them at the TBE SXSW showcases where technical difficulties were many but they still raged through it was fantastic to see them with all cylinders firing and working up a sweat for all in the room. New jam “Tear Us Apart” was a highlight with its slow burn beat and big singalong chorus! I was bummed that Goldroom only did a DJ set instead of some live action. I’d love to see that. Then the Two Door Cinema boys closed out the night with a solid DJ set that included monster TBE fave Kamp! – “Cairo” (Moullinex Remix). Solid time all around. But seriously, catch Carousel and/or Ghost Beach when you can.

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