HE’S MY BROTHER, SHE’S MY SISTER have some TALES THAT I want to TELL you about

man, i wish i would have chose his best friend instead

♫ He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister – Tales That I Tell

Not to disparage their album art, but it says a lot about this L.A. based quintet. He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister play loose folk jams that put more emphasis on good times and big heart than studio polish. “Tales That I Tell” is the first taste off a yet to be titled forthcoming debut and it’s sing-along chorus and toe-tapping  infectiousness couldn’t be a better way for me to ease into the week. It only makes me bummed that I missed a recent L.A. show that featured BBQ, improv, and free whiskey. And by “only make me bummed,” I mean “makes me stoked to hear what these guys are cooking up for our summer listening pleasure.”

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