JAMES YUILL wants to GIVE YOU a track now ’cause his new album is still far AWAY

won’t you open up your heart and speak, won’t you let your two tongues breed beneath

♫ James Yuill – Give You Away

Longtime readers of TBE might remember James Yuill’s great track “No Surprise” from last April. Well, the Brit is back with a taste of forthcoming LP Movement In A Storm which is out in June. “Give You Away” is quite a bit darker that James’ previous stuff with gloomy lyrics and that foreboding 80s synth-line paving the way for a pretty haunting vibe. I like the groove he’s got here but the clock is ticking on my tolerance for such moody music. After the winter we’ve had here in Poland, it’s not long until there is going to be a “sunshine songs only” policy around here. In the meantime, I’m gonna bliss out to the fantastic instrumental bit in the latter half of this jam.

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