[LIVE] Jessie Ware @ The Bootleg 12.13.12

Jessie Ware’s “Wildest Moments” is one of my top songs of the year. But I’m not fully sold on the rest of Devotion. Beautiful? Sure. But worthy standing for in a crowded venue? I wasn’t sure. But I was damn curious. Ware took the stage a little hesitantly for her Los Angeles debut (and only 2nd US solo show ever) but by the end of the first song she was breaking into stage banter about misplaced “trousers” that had the whole crowd laughing in the palm of her hand. She continued unleashing her stunning voice and witty chat (see video below) throughout the whole set. The room was transfixed. And the music? Every song was a winner. Anything soft or dull on the record was reborn into a surging roof-raiser that had me thanking my lucky stars I was in the room that night. Don’t miss the chance if you can. She won’t be playing smaller venues for much longer.

Upcoming shows.

See Jessie talk here. She explains important stuff but its mostly just delightful to hear her accent and energy.

And here is the gorgeous and engaging performance that followed.

But don’t just trust me!