LOCAL NATIVES got no use for a CAMERA, I mean TALK about sweet abum art!

even though i can’t be sure, memory tells me that these times are worth working for

♫ Local Natives – Camera Talk

How can you not get down with the drum/piano combo on this jam? I have no doubt that is is a floor destroyer at Local Natives’ live shows. These L.A. dudes have been bouncing around my iTunes for a while now but it wasn’t until “Camera Talk” came along when it all clicked and their sound made sense to me. I hope that makes sense to you. Anyway, I am on board and psyched that these guys are repping L.A. with some solid jams. I would post another jam from them but I have a feeling that once I get my hands on the album it will be getting a review post. You know how I do. The UK already has their debut Gorilla Manor, but US peeps are going to have to wait until Feb.

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