[LP] Baron Von Luxxury – THE LAST SEDUCTION (w/ “Terry Richardson” & “That Disco Beat (feat. Little Boots)”

take me to the top, don’t ever stop taking me higher now cause i want some, but she’s much too young

♫ Baron Von Luxxury – Terry Richardson

  • Who: Blake Robin.
  • What: “Post-post-synth-pop”, like LCD Soundsystem, Citizens!, Johnny Neon.
  • Where: Los Angeles + Facebook / Bandcamp
  • When: LP The Last Seduction is out now for name-your-price.
  • Why: For a second try to ignore the sweet moniker, killer shoes, topless babe, and baller eagle. Ok, now stop that nonsense and focus on all of them at once as you listen to the sultry sex-disco of Baron von Luxxury. All those things are part of his package (!) and feed flesh-on-flesh dance party vibe that The Baron would surely approve of.

♫ Baron Von Luxxury – That Disco Beat ft. Little Boots

While it’s easy to dismiss Luxxury as a gimmicky act, it’s worth noting that his day job is a writer for Razor & Tie records and he has contributed to songs from artists like The Mae Shi, HEALTH, and Little Boots. He also produces for TBE alums Bullet and Snowfox. The dude is serious about his music and straddles and interesting line between underground and mainstream. You can see some of that pop culture winking at play in the goofy video for “Terry Richardson.” (Like anything related to Terry Richardson it is NSFW) Grab The Last Seduction for whatever you think it’s worth but after scoping other album highlights like the title track and big closer “I’m Not Bad, I’m Just Drawn That Way” I think you’ll find a few dollars for eagle food.


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