[LP] BRANDON FLOWERS’ new album isn’t ONLY for THE YOUNG die-hard fans

tonight, baby, you can start again, laughing in the open air, have yourself another dream

♫ Brandon Flowers – Only The Young

So Brandon Flowers’ solo album came out 2 months ago already but I guess I didn’t really rush to listen to it. Disappointing first single “Crossfire” combined with scathing reviews, left me wary of the whole endeavor. Then one day I caught the video for “Only The Young” (below) and had to stop for a moment. First to take in the hyper-dramatic beauty of the clip and second to wonder if I wasn’t somehow missing out on Flamingo. When I finally sat down to soak in the album, “Only The Young” song struck me again. Without any visuals to distract from the experience I was left alone with the music. That soft drum beat, Flower’s yearning voice, and those delicate electronic bleeps that make the song so magical. Now I can’t stop listening to this jam. While I was lamenting those 2 months without this tender nugget in my life I rode through the rest of the album. To my pleasant surprise I enjoyed it. It’s certainly not a Killers album (any of them) but it’s got Flowers’ melodrama, earnest vocals and tight production which make for a bit of aural sunshine on these chilly days. “Crossfire” is still a big dud but “Jilted Lovers and Broken Hearts” and “Was It Something I Said?” both kick up the energy for some dancing-in-the-mirror fun. Other tracks range from good to inoffensive. I know a lot of people expect more from Flowers, and fair enough, but in this case lowered expectations provided me with a fun new album and a fantastic new close-my-eyes-and-float-away song.

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  1. Sleepy head
    Sleepy head says:

    I can’t think of another video that’s like that one, talk about a unique video! It does seem like Flowers isn’t so Mr brightside when hes solo (pun intended) , the album is a great start for him and it definitely grows on you. Theres always critics who expect what they want to hear determined by an artists discography. I appreciate the post, it was refreshing rather than you just writing he didn’t really live up to the killers past.

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