[MP3] GOTYE has his EYES on our WIDE world and is OPEN about his concerns

everything we had, everything we did, is buried in dust

♫ Gotye – Eyes Wide Open

Holy crap. This is epic. It’s spine-tingling even on it’s 5th listen. In spite of the preachy lyrics, the song’s heart quickening drama-pop holds the whole thing together so tightly that I keep hitting repeat. When I caught hold of Gotye’s fantatsic “Learnalilgivinanlovin'” last year I wouldn’t have guessed that this would be his next direction but I guess it has been 4 years since he released that up-beat single so all bets are off as to where his head is at now. I just hope it’s focused on getting a new album out because I could totally handle 9 more jams like this! Shit, that might be pretty intense. Maybe I actually couldn’t…

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