[MP3] WILD PARTY know that LIFE’S TOO SHORT not to mix business (muffins) and pleasure (pleasure)

if i could only find your purpose i could take control

♫ Wild Party – Life’s Too Short

Speaking of The Killers… Wild Party are coming at us straight from Texas and lead singer Lincoln Kreifels sounds to me like a younger, less uptight Brandon Flowers fronting a band who never bothered to read the synth manual and instead opted for rocking socks in a more booze soaked and traditional way. You want another bonus? Well, the fact that they are currently clocking: 1) 19 MySpace friends, 2) 278 listens on this jam, and 3) I had to break out photoshop to create a proper version of their album art (you know I love my album art!) makes them about as fresh at a hot baked chocolate muffin that burns the top of your mouth and makes you squeal awkward noises that could easily be mistaken for bedroom vocals. Confused? What I am trying to say is that these guys are easily as good as chocolate muffins or sex. Or even both combined! But try that shit at your own risk.

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  1. CobySkyline
    CobySkyline says:

    This band is our home town heros EVERYONE needs to give them a chance BIG things are going to be here for this band very soon just need YOU to spread the word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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