[LP] RA RA RIOT’s latest is TOO mellow and not DRAMATIC enough

you know i couldn’t live here that way, you’ve said it before

♫ Ra Ra Riot – Too Dramatic

So Ra Ra Riot’s sophomore LP The Orchard came out last month and if you were a fan of their debut then you have almost certainly heard this one. I am a huge fan of their debut and so perhaps expectations were a bit high for The Orchard. Six times through the album and I still enjoy it every time but it just doesn’t blow me away like Rhumb Line did. The songs are a bit more tame and don’t showcase as much of their fun and funky energy. Lead single “Boy” is the high-energy point at track 2 and the rest of the coasts to a closet. Still with some juice behind it, “Too Dramatic,” and it’s rubbery bass-line and sharp string section, is my new high-speed driving jam. This will by reason for coming back to the disc in hopes it leaves a lasting impression. Anyone else kinda disappointed by The Orchard?

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