[LP] The Horrible Crowes – ELSIE (w/ “Behold The Hurricane” & “Black Betty & The Moon”)

silhouettes they haunt this house like a memory haunts me now as if it were a dream

♫ The Horrible Crowes – Behold the Hurricane

Brian Fallon is the lead singer of New Jersey’s awesome The Gaslight Anthem. Brian Fallon is also the lead singer of his mellowed out side project (with his guitar tech Ian Perkins). I’m really shocked at how little press this album got from all the same outlets that usually gush over Gaslight. Anyway, that’s exactly why I’m so late to the game but you know I wouldn’t leave you guys without a heads up. If you have ever been down with Gaslight’s vibe but wanted an album that you could play without risk of lead-footing the gas pedal or singing along at inappropriate volumes then Elsie is your LP. It’s like Gaslight lite, if you will. Fallon called it something like “sleeping music” or “chilling music” or something. I just call it rock n roll. Whatever works really, although some of these jams like “Behold The Hurricane” and “Go Tell Everybody” definitely get a bit rowdy.

♫ The Horrible Crowes – Black Betty & the Moon

Anyway, these two jams definitely give you a sense of the album’s range. Elsie took a while to grow on me and while it’s not as gripping as a Gaslight album, I’m down.

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  1. Joeairblaster
    Joeairblaster says:

    i’ve been reading this blog for awhile now, and listening to gaslight since sink or swim was released, your musical tastes are as scattered as mine, so thank you to all of you guys at b.e. for having great ears, and listening to good music just because it’s good music

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