[MP3] I Am In Love – “Call Me An Animal”

i’m a shark, i’m a lion, i’m a bear, i’m a python

♫ I Am In Love – Call Me An Animal

Bust out your Best Songs of 2011 lists cause it’s time to add another jam to the list. London’s I Am In Love have exactly this song out and that is exactly all I need to get stoked about them. “Call Me An Animal” kicks of with a tease of distorted guitar that soon gives way to a rhythm that builds tension like a Chinese construction crew. Everything eventually breaks into skyscraper proportions with swirling guitars and synths. The whole thing is perfectly frenetic and perfectly organized. A beautiful thing to move to.

Artist links: Facebook / Bandcamp

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  1. Amy
    Amy says:

    I hate trending terms like hipster. It’s even more annoying than ’emo’ was years ago.
    Instead of being paranoid about what’s cool and what’s not.. just listen to whatever f*** you like.

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