[LP] TWIN SHADOW grew on me SLOW but now has me grooving fast

i don’t wanna, believe, be but, in love, i don’t wanna, be, believe, in love

♫ Twin Shadow – Slow

I think I heard and promptly ignored this song twice before catching the video below and quickly realizing the error of my ways. Now I just can’t get enough of that awesome bass line, fluttering guitar magic, and propulsive percussion! It’s a total sing-along dance-moves-in-the-mirror kind of throwback jam that gets better with each listen. Twin Shadow, aka Geroge Lewis Jr., has been getting all kinds of love lately, being heralded by Hipster Runoff as possibly the only “harvestable buzzband” of 2010 and even getting a best new music review on Pitchfork today. Hoping for more fuzzed out dance perfection like this I grabbed his debut Forget last week and have been chewing on it quite a bit. About half is in the spaced out dance party vein of “Slow” while the other half is more, well… just spaced out. Still funky, but more mellow. “Shooting Holes” and “At My Heels” are my other album favorites at the moment and no surprise that they fall into the dancey half. So does “Castles In The Snow,” another great track that is like a midnight drive home from a Halloween dance party. So if you like what you have heard from Twin SHadow so far then Forget won’t disappoint. It wont be making my best of the year list, but it will definitely provide some fun listens in the right mood and I’ll be returning to “Slow” on the regular. Watch the great CK referencing video after the jump

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