MARINA & THE DIAMONDS are no longer THE OUTSIDER band coming down MOWGLI’S ROAD

Marina & The Diamonds

don’t get on my bad side
i can work a gun

♫ Marina & The Diamonds – The Outsider

Marina & The Diamonds have been all up in the blogosphere’s grill for most of 2009 but despite having a handful of great jams and a few fantastic videos, we still don’t have a proper album. Well, if you have forgotten about her since her June debut on TBE then here are 2 tasty treats to keep you up to speed. I am a bit worried that her album is going to contain so many songs we already know that it wont sound fresh or interesting. It’s a bit like seeing too many trailers to a movie. Only worse, really. Well whatever, I am still looking forward to what she is cooking up for us.

♫ Marina & The Diamonds – Mowgli’s Road

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  1. hebiscous
    hebiscous says:

    I have been hearing her name around for ages and can't believe I have just discovered her voice. Love it.. am obsessed with the mess that's Americaa-a-a-a

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