MARMADUKE DUKE advise a RUBBER for your LOVER and remember KIDs, no GLOVES, no loves.

you’ve got a whole lot of mystery, baby’s got a bad bad history

♫ Marmaduke Duke – Rubber Lover

After falling hard for Biffy Clyro’s last album I stumbled upon their lead singer’s other band, Marmaduke Duke. Their second album, Duke Pandemonium, came out last may and is filled with the kind of weirdo beats and vocals that could only be the work of a dude who is already making his cash elsewhere. Sometimes that pays off, as on “Rubber Lover” where in under 2 minutes we are taken on a hip shakin’, finger snappin’, funk ride. They change things up on “Kid Gloves” which brings their off-beat sound in a darker direction and fleshes itself out into a full song. Other great tracks on the album include “Heartburn,” “Everybody Dance,” and “Silhouettes” but there are a few mis-fires as well. Anyway, enjoy these for now!

♫ Marmaduke Duke – Kid Gloves

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