MEN urge us to get Off Our Backs. Simultaneously.

second time i let you, let you ride the pony

MEN – Off Our Backs

MEN is a side project of two members of Le Tigre, a band I know very little of, so my initial excitement at their existence was minimal at best. Then I heard their music. What!? Its not everyday you stumble across lyrics like “I’ve gotta fuck my best, to get a little tiny baby,” especially not layered over super-danceable synth grooves like these. The aforementioned lyrics are actually from “Credit Card Babie$,” a fantastic song I wont post here, but will let you have the pleasure of getting over at Ohh Crapp… (where I discovered MEN). Both “Credit Card Babie$” and “Off Our Backs” are highly danceable, vulgarity filled, metaphor packed, groove jams that is what I imagine Peaches should sound like, considering her overblown popularity. I seriously hope this mostly female group (go figure) blows up in the best way a band of their ilk can. Oh wait, they don’t just write super fun fuck dance songs?

MEN – Simultaneously

On the heels of “Credit Card Babie$” and “Off Our Backs,” it’s hard to believe “Simultaneously” is by the same group. It a 6 and a half minute bundle of tense rhythm and beautifully layered beats that could make you dance or cry. Definitely more talent than your typical group of Men.

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