Metric want you to have Fantasies about Gold, Guns, Girls


all the gold and the guns in the world couldn’t get you off

Metric – Gold Guns Girls

Yesterday saw the release of Metric’s latest album, Fantasies, and I have been spinning it all day. I never got into Metric’s last two albums, instead just listening to Live It Out‘s “Poster of a Girl” and pretending Canada’s favorite export was as good as I wanted them to be. Well Fantasies sees Haines & co. teaching me a thing or two. Sort of. Two is probably exactly accurate. While album opener (and first single) “Help I’m Alive” takes 5 minutes to go exactly nowhere, track 5 arrives with “Gold Guns Girls” opening like its trying to catch up with the High Speed Chase mix. I’m on board and struggling to hang on as the track speeds along with chugging guitars and thinly veiled sexual metaphors. It’s hard to ignore this song as the album’s 350 pound linebacker. The other players just aren’t as intimidating and some sound s bit too much like old Metric. Then there is “Stadium Love.”

Metric – Stadium Love

With it’s heavy crunch and soaring “ooh oohooh” (key to my heart, btw) “Stadium Love” reminds me a lot of old Metric while still feeling fresh and filled with rock. While I can’t fully endorse this album to someone who was never on board with Metric, I feel like fans out there it will love it.

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