Modernaire demand that you Faites Vos Jeux, OK?


apparently murder is out of fashion so i got put away for a crime of passion

Modernaire – Faites Vos Jeux

Quick! What does this artwork make you think about Modernaire?

  1. “Modernaire?” That’s what it says?
  2. They are a post-electro noise-core punk duo who used to be really into Crystal castles.
  3. They have never met in person and create music via snail mail/internet like Postal Service or Bike For Three!
  4. The chick is dumb. (Doesn’t know the difference between a bandanna and a very small rug)
  5. They are about to rob the shit out of you.

If you guessed 5 then you are the most right! “Faites Vos Jeux” (French for “make your games”) starts out all Alice’s Restaurant and then breaks out into a full on song about heartbreak and aggravated robbery. “Bang bang baby, hand over the cash. Speed it up sugar, come on I’m in a rush now” demands either Cruella de Mill or Chesty La Rue (who can tell, right?) as the perfect electro hook rolls beneath. How hot is that? Modernaire sound electro but I guess they fancy themselves a traditional pop band and perform as such. Sweet. “Faites Vos Jeux” is their new single and lets just hope that it will be followed by more awesomeness on a full LP. Oh, and their are 4 peeps in the group. Where are the other two? Probably rifling through your mom’s jewelry box, dummy! I warned you!

Bury your face in Chesty La Rue… I mean MySpace

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