♫ Baby Monster- Ultra violence and Beethoven

I have been digging through my music files of the last year and realized a tragedy…  I never shared one of my absolute favorite songs of the year (although released in late 09).  Baby Monster’s “Ultra violence and Beethoven” and its spacey synths are other worldly.  In fact, if there are space people out there somewhere, this is there theme song.  The first comparison that came to mind was MGMT for their psychedelic synths and extremely catchy melodies.  I know, I hate to play the compare game, but lets be honest, this is a music blog.

Baby Monster just recently toured with the Klaxsons and Scott from The Burning Ear “Remix Roundups” was able to catch them live in Seattle.  Our overwhelming opinion is that these guys have a chance to blow the scene up in 11.

Check out their remix of The Good Natured- Your Body Is A Machine

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