[MP3] THE RURAL ALBERTA ADVANTAGE always leave their beautiful STAMP on my ears

and our love’s waiting tonight, and our love’s wasted tonight

♫ The Rural Alberta Advantage – Stamp

One of my favorite bands in recent years, The Rural Alberta Advantage, is back with a new track from their forthcoming follow up to their tremendous debut, Hometowns! “Stamp” is all steam engine drums, dancing guitar, and perfect ‘oooohs’ charging through my ears and growing on me more and more with each listen. Hometowns made such a sonic impact on me that I think my expectations were a bit warped and so I initially didn’t immediately love this jam. Listening to it now (especially that guitar that kicks in at 1:08!) it seems like a crazy thing to say because it’s so damn good and is perfect RAA. Funny how that stuff works. Departing is out March 1st. Damn, that’s far away.

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