[MP3] Crystal Castles ft. The Cure’s Robert Smith

i saw your picture hangin’ on the back of my door, won’t give you my heart, no one lives there anymore

I am a big Crystal Castles fan. I am an even bigger fan of The Cure (Robert Smith).

When The Cure was dominating airwaves I was too young to understand the emotion Robert Smith was conveying but by no means did I let their sound escape me. The Cure is a band that has been and always will be a part of my library.

Ok, enough with the fan boy nostalgia.

A Crystal Castles and Robert Smith collaboration isn’t something I or anyone ever really imagined and this potentially could have been disastrous, but for this track, opposites attracted, got married and made a beautiful trashy goth baby.

This song is really as good as it could possibly be, with a perfect balance of Crystal Castles obscurity and Roberts Smiths legendary new wave romantic soul we have an epic song of love and heartbreak. The base track originally given to us by 80′s Canadian new wave band Platinum Blonde, has been transformed by Crystal Castles’ trashy synthesizer grind, making it a song they can call their own.

It may have taken three bands and three attempts, but the end result gives us one of the best electronic love/heartbreak songs I have heard in years.

♫ Crystal Castles- Not In Love ft Robert Smith

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  1. Katokalen
    Katokalen says:

    disintegration probably one of the single most amazing albums of all time

    ps this track is lovely – fool is 50 for christs sake

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