[MP3] Deadbeat Darling – “Insomnia Salvation”

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♫ Deadbeat Darling – Insomnia Salvation

  • Who: Joseph, Mohit, Evan, Ian
  • What: Brisk indie rock, like Oberhofer, The Black Keys, Joywave
  • Where: Brooklyn, NY + Facebook / Soundcloud / Amazon
  • When: Debut album The Angel’s Share is out soon.
  • Why: First of all, this song starts with big gooey “ooohs.” Second, that drum groove never stops. Third, things get even better in the third act when it all starts gently falling apart. Thats three reasons why American’s need to be rallying behind Deadbeat Darling! They started in Brooklyn but were brought/stolen to the UK to produce their album! It’s time to get them back! If only so I can see them live…
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