[MP3] DEPRESSED BUTTONS came on and i was like, OW! hell yeah!

ow ow ow!

♫ Depressed Buttons – Ow!

I should probably save this jam for Friday ’cause it’s gonna be tough to pull the appropriate dance moves while sitting down. Fuck it, Wednesday dance party! Somebody kill the lights and fire up the strobe! Anyone who is a fan of The Faint (me!) will definitely not recognize this as sounding similar, although Depressed Buttons is in fact 3/5th of the pioneering Omaha indie rockers. This sugary glitch n’ grind extravaganza is certainly better than the last Faint album and I’m stoked to hear what else these guys have cooked up for us on the forthcoming Qwerty EP.

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  1. Brandon @ TBE
    Brandon @ TBE says:

    I never knew how to tell you this Kevin but I’m your long lost twin and can read your thoughts. And you are right, I don’t know how Nicholas Cage has a career anymore, either.

  2. Lucia
    Lucia says:

    pretty sweet – they are coming through springfield, mo here in a couple weeks and it will be my first time to see them. thanks for posting this – hadn’t heard it yet!

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