[MP3] WINTER GLOVES are like that windup PLASTIC toy that dances and SLIDES around

i got your picture in my pocket and i keep it for the right time

♫ Winter Gloves – Plastic Slides

In the first week of this website I pegged Winter Gloves as an act to watch in 2009. A few weeks later they dropped their great debut LP About A Girl. It was filled with their solid brand of Montreal indie dance spazz rock and nobody seemed to care. Hopefully now that TBE has more than 11 readers you guys will get on board this party train. New LP All Red came 2 months ago and since these guys are so under-hyped I didn’t find out until last week! Fiddlesticks. Luckily first single oooooh-filled “Plastic Slides” has been soothing my more reactionary tendencies as I do my best impression of the pose on that cover. It’s all in the hips! Ok, I’m stretched and limber, I’m off to listen to the rest of the album!

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