[MP3] DISSOCIATES put some HEAVY among all these nice MANNERS

the pills don’t work at all, but the coffee’s ok, i guess i’m getting on

♫ Dissociates – Heavy Manners

A little more crunch! I don’t hear nearly enough good punk music these days so it’s a huge breath of fresh air to come across someone doing it right. London’s Dissociates aren’t reinventing any wheels here but that’s exactly the way it should be. Tight riffs and deep bass jump and jerk under snarled vocals that all add a bit of fire my June playlist. Fire these jams up in the morning and save cash on coffee. It’s been working for me. Dissociates have a new record coming out this summer and will be touring the UK and Germany to get people riled up. You can also grab their 2010 EP for free at their Bandcamp. Do it.

♫ Dissociates – Kick And Shove

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