[MP3] Fenech-Soler – “Golden Sun”

i feel the heat you give baby, i never want to say farewell, oh

♫ Fenech-Soler – Golden Sun

For some reason I’ve never paid attention to Fenech-Soler, so little attention that I thought their name was French-Soler until 3 days ago. Oops. Hearing “Golden Sun” has had me completely reconsider my uneducated view on these non-Frenchie from Kings Cliffe, UK who named themselves after the 2nd and 3rd names of frontman Daniel Fenech Soler. But enough of that crap! This track is a jam and should be treated appropriately. I’m all jagged elbows and bouncy knees as these beats propel me around the room like a lanky pubescent spastic. Awesome!

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  1. Micah Awk
    Micah Awk says:

    That’s funny, for the longest time I too thought it was “French Soler” – until I finally took the time to listen to them.  And I’m so glad I did. 

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