[MP3] GENERATIONALS get a TEN in my book. a TWENTY even, if i could, but definitely a TEN.

is there any way to tell me that you’re gonna be a terrible friend?

♫ Generationals – Ten-Twenty-Ten

Generationals! From their Best Album of 2009 contending debut to their stellar EP from last year, Generationals are one of my favorite bands of the past few years. Besides putting out immensely enjoyable music, their patchwork blend of throwback sounds make them perfect band for recommending to anyone and everyone! The New Orleans based duo have a new LP coming out on March 29th and I’ve got some goodies to get you as pumped as me! “Ten-Twenty-Ten” is is a hip-swinging guitar and handlap fest that is prime for pumping loud in the car when you need a hint of sunshine on these chilly days. “Greenleaf” is a more straightforward piano and bass affair that still has crisp handclaps and plenty of good vibrations. I find it really heard describing Generationals’ music. It’s something so varied and different that to wrap it in words feels like I’m holding it back somehow. Just listen and get into it. Every song of theirs is worth multiple listens and will guaranteed grow on you with each one. And for heaven’s sake, get their debut if you haven’t yet.
Generationals – Greenleaf

Download “Greenleaf” here!

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