[MP3] Jhameel – “Are You Free” & “Shadow of a Man”

i known you known him for so long but the one you love is gone

♫ Jhameel – Are You Free

It’s been over 2 years since I first posted about Oakland’s multi-talented Jhameel and it’s been nothing but a pleasure to watch both him and his music evolve into the internet dominating groove-music machine that he has become today. And he still hasn’t charged a cent for one song. Amazing. Last week he kicked off his new weekly song EP project Are You Free with the title track. It’s a rousing anthem that is perhaps the largest Jhameel song to date but suffers no loss of his fist-tight beats and hooks.

♫ Jhameel – Shadow of a Man

This week we got “Shadow of a Man,” a darker lyrical turn but still paired with a karate-quick beat and bass-plucking bounce that could toss over a Buick. If I was the type to say such things I’d mention that these songs showcase a maturing songwriting style. But I’m more the type to mention that they showcase me rocking the F out in my chair.

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