[MP3] Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground – “World’s Entire”

it can be awfully hard and awfully effortless

♫ Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground – World’s Entire

Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground ar one of those bands that go back to the pre-TBE days (if you can imagine such a time). Not only was I a big fan of their 2008 self titled debut album, but a huge fan of some of the members’ previous band Gatsby’s American Dream. Anyway, Google them if need be, today is about Kay Kay, more specifically their new song “World’s Entire.” A mellower vibe from from the band but still signature Kay Kay with it’s puree-setting blend of smooth vibes and eclectic instruments. Sit back in your chair and let the sounds melt into your brain.

For a little taste of what they were up to 3 years ago, here is my favorite track off that debut. Amen, Kay. Sing it. I sure hope we will be getting a bit of this irreverent energy on their new album, the interestingly titled Introducing Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground.

BONUS: ♫ Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground – Hey Momma’ / S/T, 2008

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