[MP3] DUCK SAUCE love BARBARA STREISAND and so should you

wooo ooo oo oooo oo ooo ooo oooh

♫ Duck Sauce – Barbara Streisand

Duck Sauce is the epic duo of A-Track and Armand van Helden and they are pretty much murdering it. What few jams they have released so far each get better and better. And then there is their videos! Their videos! The one for “Barbara Streisand” is below and features every hip cat in the indie scene, as well as a C+ Barbara impersonator, all getting down this jams unstoppable funk. See how many heads you can spot! My favorite it the naked hood lounging cameo from The Fat Jew (dude is the only reason to be on Twitter). Get pumped, it’s Friday!

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  1. drewharris
    drewharris says:

    Video – amazing.
    Song – amazing for about 2.5 minutes but a bit repetitive. I do still giggle everytime they say “Barbra Streissand” though…

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately this song was, terribly, performed by one of the groups on the UK X Factor last night.

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