[MP3] My Great Ghost – “Plain Sight”

hiding out plain sight, no reaction to the rain

♫ My Great Ghost – Plain Sight

  • Who: Singer Drew Smith and producer Trevor Gureckis.
  • What: Indie electro folk, like Jamie Woon, When Saints Go Machine, Pompeya
  • Where: New York, NY + Soundcloud / Bandcamp / Amazon
  • When: 2 singles and a Deerhunter cover are out now.
  • Why: Simple. Delicate. Sparse. An aural shoulder rub after a long day. Musical tea before bed. “Plain Sight” lays simple roots but soon takes off towards the shy, floating like a black helium balloon above the fog on the water. Its a huge chunk of promise from a band with only 28 listens on Last.fm.
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