[MP3] New Hands – “This I’ve Heard”

and history’s a game of telephone, and that girl’s not your girl until you make her moan

♫ New Hands – This I’ve Heard

Wasn’t it Conficious who once said something about liking his “bass down low?” Well I dont know about that fool but I know that I like my bass the way it is in New Hands’s “This I’ve Heard”: bendy, bouncy, and with twinkling synths dancing on top of it. Throw in some heated, raspy vocals and all the better. Hamilton, Canada’s New Hands are 5 hosers who are still in college but with tracks like this (and only other release “Through The Woodwork”) sounding so good I’m not so sure I can endorse them staying in school.*

Artist links: Facebook / Soundcloud / Bandcamp / Amazon

*Just kidding. Stay in school. But make lots of music.