[MP3] SAINT MOTEL doen’t need you to PUZZLE over their jam, the PIECES are already in the right places

i gotta say, honestly, when you look at me a gun goes off, deep inside of me

♫ Saint Motel – Puzzle Pieces

Now who doesn’t like a rollicking piano line!? Huh? Who!? Exactly. Saint Motel lay it down on “Puzzle Pieces” slapping some bouncy percussion and jangle guitars all over it. It’s unabashed, optimistic, and relentlessly upbeat. Precisely the kind of song that springtime is all about and no surprise that these guys are LA-based. Now if only they had more than one track up on their MySpace! Their Wikipedia does mention a notoriously epic live show, a handful of respectable touring partners, and airplay on both KCRW and KROQ so all sings point to good times.

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