[MP3] The Denzels – “Slow Death” & “Montrose Next Door”

i said it’s tuesday, let’s go out and paint the town red, yeah so what we’re broke let’s do it

♫ The Denzels – Slow Death

Just cause it’s rainy and gloomy here in Warsaw doesn’t mean that those of you who live in places having a real summer can’t get your shades/brews/tunes combo platter on and bask in the good times. Who better to soundtrack that fun then Brooklyn’s The Denzels who kick out jams that could turn Brighton Beach into the next Venice. These guys are on nobody’s radar yet and it’s a damn shame because between these two tracks it’s clear they have the chops for squinty eyed summer days with cold colas as well as sunset on the shore with your beachside lover.

♫ The Denzels – Montrose Next Door


Do your weekend and your next summer mixtape justice and slide these jams in right there. Look for a full EP in the fall.

Crank the amp at Bandcamp

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