[MP3] Lloyd – “Dedication To My Ex (Miss That) (feat. Andre 3000)”

and know i am well aware that you can bring a man to his knees and get what you need without saying please but can you bring a man to his feet when defeat is on repeat

♫ Lloyd – Dedication To My Ex (Miss That) (feat. Andre 3000 & narrated by Lil Wayne)

I have no clue who Lloyd is but the guy has Andre 3000 dropping verses and Lil Wayne on the intro so he must have something going on. Well, his lady still left him and he is sad. Fair enough. Well, missing your ex never sounded this good or made your grandma blush this much but I’m on board. Sexy hit of the summer? Oh, and can we get an Andre 3000 album please?

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

     I’ve been dancing to the clean version for like…a month. I just heard the dirty version tonight. This song is HILARIOUS

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