Patrick Watson and the song of a Big Bird In A Small Cage


we all love to sing along to the sound of the bird that longs

Patrick Watson – Big Bird in a Small Cage

It’s Sunday and time to relax a bit. Sit my ass on the couch, stare out the window, and just chill. Right now Patrick Wilson is providing the perfect soundtrack for this kind of Lazy Sunday. He is from Montreal, his music has won all kinds of awards, and his new album Wooden Arms is recommended on eMusic but none of that is going to get me to move my ass until this song is over.

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  1. kaouchips
    kaouchips says:

    1. If one day he posts a concert near to you, just GO watch patrick watson (and the wooden arm band) because it's definitely worth it: the drummer is amazing, he can litteraly drum on any surface and for as long as he wants and patrick watson is one of those “homme orchestre” (orchestra man) deserting the stage to play/sing/spread light among his audience!
    2. If you like him you should listen to Hugh Coltman, an Englishman in Paris singing folk rock and playing the guitar. His first album, Stories from the Safe House, was released in Sept 2008, he also rocks on stage and now he is begining to finally hit the jackpot in France (well i guess). Could You be trusted, Voices, Sixteen and several covers are worth the trip!

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