[REMIX] Major Lazer – “Get Free (Hannes Fischer Breakfast Mix)”

look at me, i just cant believe what they’ve done to me

♫ Major Lazer – Get Free (Hannes Fischer Breakfast Mix)

The new Major Lazer track “Get Free” is a big departure from the electronic wildin’ out of 2009. It’s also a departure from being engaging. Thank goodness for remix magicman Hannes Fischer who is currently batting 1000. Ride that slow burn style that made his “Video Games” remix one of the best of 2011.

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  1. Brandon @ TBE
    Brandon @ TBE says:

    For me, what was engaging about Major Lazer was their ability to challenge me as a listener and push the boundaries of what I thought I would like. Crazy beats and weird noises juxtaposed with different vocalists. This song is nice and grows on me with each listen but probably the reason it’s your favorite is also the reason I feel it’s not engaging. Dunno if all that made any sense but I think you get me.

  2. Cameron Roberts
    Cameron Roberts says:

    It was definately really different from there other stuff, but pleasantly so. I can’t help what my ears want and my ears want the original Get Free. It didn’t get me for the first 3 listens, but now it is on repeat. As usual, I like what Hannes Fischer has done with it too. He seems to be the master of simplicity.

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