ROBYN and i are DANCING to her sweet new jam that has been ON MY stereo since OWNing it

stilettos and broken bottles, i’m spinning around in circles

♫ Robyn – Dancing On My Own

Robyn has been known to pump up the energy, get people dancing, and even get emotional, but perhaps not until now has she blended them all so elegantly. “Dancing On My Own” is Robyn’s broken-hearted goodbye to an ex-lover who is flaunting his new wares right there on the dancefloor while she looks on through hazy eyes. Shit. We’ve all been there in a way, and now we have an anthem to dance our way through the pain. It doesn’t get much better than this, either musical or cathartically. Robyn’s first collection of new tunes in 5 years is only the first in a planned trilogy for 2010. Body Talk Pt. 1 drops June 14/15 and I can safely tell you that it is fantastic. I got on board Robyn’s 2005 (/2008) acclaimed album later than most but only a few tracks grabbed me. These 8 new tracks, however, are all jams. Even the one in Swedish that sounds like the opening credits to a Scandinavian horror film about possessed children is alright. The amazing thing about Robyn here is her range. “Dancing on My Own” is her completely exposed and vulnerable to the whims of an ex while a song like “Hang With Me” has her imploring someone not to fall madly in love with her because it will end badly (“I know what’s on your mind, there will time for that too” is one of the best cautionary love-song lyrics ever). The fact that she is completely believable and relatable on both tracks is a testament to her lyrics as well as her delivery. Through all these tracks she pulls off swagger and emotion in a way few can. Subtly amazing album opener “Don’t Fucking Tell Me What To Do” (ok, so the amazingness of the song is subtle, not the title) is a perfect example. Seriously people, if you are like me and have always felt Robyn was overly creamed-over then this is your moment to join the party train. I’d post more tracks but it’s such a short album and so solid that I trust you all to go get it based on this track and my urging. Remember, there is no time to sleep because Body Talk Pt. 2 will be out in a matter of months! Watch the great video for “Dancing” below where Robyn dances away her demons.

Robyn ‘Dancing On My Own’ (Official Video) from Robyn on Vimeo.

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