I BLAME COCO and her jam CAESAR for ROBYN me of my desire to not rock out

we’re gonna knock down the walls

♫ I BlÃ¥me Coco – Caesar feat. Robyn

Ho. Ly. Shit. This is a straight mind stomper! That raspy voice you hear dominating the vocals is that of Eliot Pauline Sumner a 19 year old Lodoner who goes by the stage-name of I Blame Coco. The other voice is Robyn, whose soaring chorus is a striking contrast to the song’s grit and ferocity. I get that Island Records want’s to introduce their new investment to us with the help of an established songstress but I Blame Coco needs no coddling. The fact that she both wrote and played all the music on her debut album herself makes it clear that this lass is firing on a whole different set of cylinders than your average Britney, Gaga, or Ke$ha. Have a listen to an older track of hers to get a sense of the kind of range we are talking about here. With these two jams back-to-back it’s pretty easy to imagine the rest of the album could be equally epic. If only we had a release date to look forward to.

♫ I BlÃ¥me Coco – How Did All Did All These All People Get In My Room?

Oh, and that “dad” she keeps singing about? That would be Sting.

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