MIIKE SNOW make me want to spend a BILLIE on my next HOLIDAY

when the sun shines down it shines on both of us

♫ Miike Snow – Billie Holiday

A new non-album track from a band would normally fit right into a TBE Digest but since this is Miike Snow we are talking about “Billie Holiday” gets her own post. I have no idea when this jam first hit the internets but it’s new to me (thanks to reader hen!). A Google search reveals that this page on the Miike Snow website but there are no internal links to it. Whatever, semi-secrecy aside, the fact that this jam didn’t make the cut on their LP seems to have more to do with it’s sound than quality. It’s a bit heavier and more ominous than the rest of the album but is nonetheless fantastic. I’m still shocked that Pitchfork gave their album a 5.0. Just no hope for some, I guess. Anyway, I couldn’t think of a better treat to kick off February!

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