SCISSOR SISTERS don’t want the product of all those squats to be INVISIBLE so turn a LIGHT on an appreciate this pair

another castle crumbles, another monkey falls, just open up your joy and let the sailors climb the walls

♫ Scissor Sisters – Invisible Light

Scissor Sisters are back and better than ever with a jam that is about as tight as those buns! Their brand of flamboyant glam-pop has always been hit-or miss with me and can be cringe-inducing at times but “Invisible Light” is the NYC quintet at their finest. Things start off groovy enough as those 80s suspense-sytnths bounce around the trotting beat. But like any great dance song this track takes it’s time heating up and by the fourth minute we’ve got a little drum soloing, some flitting tropical bird noises, and a litte spoken word, as things calm before really kicking off for the last 70 seconds. Never mind the crazy-ass lyrics because you can always sing along with those breathy moans! Even on your first listen! Scissor Sisters new album, Night Work, is out June 28th. It’s gonna be a sweaty summer.

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  1. […] even taken all their previous stuff off my iTunes in a recent hard drive cleansing. Then I heard “Invisible Light” and was convinced to give them a second (third) chance. Night Work wastes no more than 8 seconds […]

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