MIIKE SNOW finally hint at what THE RABBIT in their logo means

i tried to beat the devil too many times, i’m in love, she is tragic magic

♫ Miike Snow – The Rabbit (Stuart Price Mix)

I do my best to keep up with all the new jams coming out but even I miss some things, even when they come from one of my favorite bands. So big ups to reader Maunik for giving me the heads up on this new Miike Snow track!! This new jam comes packaged with an awesome video (Below. Seriously, watch this. Then you will understand that album art that I whipped up for this post) and is part of the deluxe re-release of one of the best albums of last year. As stoked as I am to get a new Miike jam, it’s not their best work. “The Rabbit” is definitely better than most music around and is still rocking my socks but it needs more of that spacey twitchy-glitchy knob twiddling that make their tracks so unique. (see “Cult Logic” and “Billie Holiday” for prime examples) We get a little here and there but I want more! I’m not sure what Stuart Price Mix means in this context. Is this the final version of a track that was mixed by him or his remix of an original version we have yet to hear? Either way, I’m still pumped to have another good Miike jam and another great Miike video!

UPDATE: So I did some digging and this is indeed a Stuart Price RE-mix. I couldn’t find an mp3 of the original but you can listen to a snippet here.

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