SHOUT OUT LOUDS’ new album won’t FALL out of rotation soon. It’s not HARD to like.

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♫ Shout Out Louds – Fall Hard

Two of last years most disappointing albums for me were Throw Me The Statue’s Creaturesque and The Dodos’ Time To Die and both were produced by Phil Ek. There are many reasons that I like to blame Mr. Ek for these underwhelming follow-ups but mostly ’cause it’s easier than believing that bands I love have done fell off. Needless to say, I was a bit nervous to hear that Ek was producing Shout Out Louds’ follow up to 2007’s fantastic Our Ill Wills. First single, “Walls”, assuaged that fear a bit but it’s decided shift in sound (no more strings or bells) — coupled with that “we hate fun” album cover — left me a little nervous. Well, the verdict is in and Work is solid solid stuff. Yeah, it’s different that Our Ill Wills but by the end of the album you don’t even think about those differences any more. It’s the same band we know and love and their signature earnestness and energy is firmly in place. Take second single “Fall Hard” for example, that opening guitar brings me right into the song and before I know it those tight drums and Adam Olenius’ unique voice have me flying right with the music. It’s a hard song not to enjoy, and the video (below) is pretty great too. The rest of the album ranges in intensity but always packs enough hooks to keep me jamming along and Olenius’ lyrics always tell an interesting story as he bares his soul over tales of love, relationships, and his own stubborn personal baggage.

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  1. jonathan_uk
    jonathan_uk says:

    so so good, i love his voice.

    the video is cool too – thanks for including it in the post!

  2. J Rich
    J Rich says:

    never heard to the band, but after hearing that single i am definitely tracking down this album.

  3. Brandon @ TBE
    Brandon @ TBE says:

    You definitely should! And get their last album, Our Ill Wills, too. A lot of people swear by their debut (Howl Howl Gaff Gaff) but I din't find it nearly as compelling as this stuff!

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