SAFE’s new single may be TWENTY YEARS late ON it’s format choice but it’s still a sweet jam

if this is what it was like, i’ll dream

♫ SAFE – Twenty Years On

“Twenty Years On” is one of those tracks that is easy to brush over in the hustle and bustle of everyday music listening but luckily I gave it a few spins before dismissing it and it wasted no time is digging itself right into my pleasure center. As SAFE, Chris Edley crafts some beautifully minimal mood-pop that is hard not to drift along with. Good music alone not enough to get you on board? Luckily Edley has your unnecessarily retro bases covered and has teamed up with the Das Racist managed Greenhead Records to release his debut on cassette. Yes, that’s Edley holding the tape with a photo of him holding a headless chicken. Are you loving “Twenty Years On” but lacking a cassette player? No sweat, it’s also available on VHS. Don’t know what VHS is? There is also digital download available. As well as having better photo of Edley and that chicken, RCRD-LBL has a bit of back-story on the guy (art for MGMT, financial crisis, etc) and a remix of “Twenty Years On.” And there ya go.

UPDATE: Watch the video. Perfect.

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  1. Steph
    Steph says:

    WOW! I haven't heard such a beautiful track in well… forages! And the imagery in the video is stunning and perfectly matched. Thanks!

  2. joe finger
    joe finger says:

    Wow! I love that song get allong!

    i tried to download the album but the link didnt work :(

    do you know somewhere else i can download it?


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